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5 Pillars Of Islam and Umrah

5 Pillars Of Islam and Umrah

When a building stands pillars play an important role in it. Pillar is the basic and most important part without a building cant properly stand. Pillars make a foundation for building strong and support it.
Islam is a vast and wide religion which give the message of peace and love and it guides its followers at every point in life. Like a building, Islam has 5 basic pillars that play an important and main role in its foundation. Every Muslim going for Hajj Umrah keeping a faith over these pillars.

Pillars Of Islam:

                             There are 5 pillars of Islam which are following;
1.    Shahadah
2.    Prayers / Namaz
3.    Fasting / Roza
4.    Charity / Zakat
5.    Pilgrimage / Hajj

These are the establishment of Muslim life and Muslims are required to watch them with most extreme dedication. These columns frame the establishment and beginning stage for all other great deeds and demonstrations of love to God.


                  Shahadah is the first and foremost pillar of Islam without this all the other pillars are nothing and without this everything is nothing it defines that who we are and if defines the existence of the universe. Shahada means that “There is one worthy of worship except for The Allah Almighty and Muhammad (S.A.W) is the beloved Prophet and the messenger of The Allah Almighty”. This declaration of faith is called the Shahadah a basic equation that all the dependable articulate. The significance of this announcement is the belief that the only purpose of our life is to worship and obey The Allah almighty and we can worship Him by following the teachings and practices of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.U.B.H).

Prayers / Namaz:

                             Prayer is the second pillar of Islam. Prayer is the name of the compulsory prayers that Muslims are performed five times a day. Prayers are driven by an educated individual who knows the Quran and is by and large picked by the group of people. These prayers are offered at five different times in the day before the sunrise, mid-day, late afternoon, at sunset, at the evening and by the nightfall. This sequence determines the rhythm of the whole day. These five prayers contain the verses from the Holy Quran and are said in Arabic. It is a wish of every Muslim that he will perform Umrah and hajj offer prayers during Umrah, for this Cheapest Umrah Packages are best options Prayers create a sacred link between you and The Allah Almighty and way to wash up your sins and fulfil your desires from The Allah Almighty.

Fasting / Roza:

                         Fasting is the third pillar if Islam. Every year in the Holy month of Ramadan all the Muslims fast from dawn to dusk going without from food, drink and other activities. But there are some exceptions for those who are sick, aged and for pregnant or nursing they are permitted to take a break from the fast in these days and make up an equivalent number of days later in the year on the chance that they are healthy and capable. The benefit of fasting is that it is beneficial for your health and it learned you the lesson of self-control and self-purification by disconnecting yourself from the worldly desires and comforts. It made you aware of the struggle of those people who have nothing to eat.

Charity / Zakat:

                            Charity / Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam. An important principle of Islam is that everything belongs to The Allah Almighty. The word Zakat means both “purification” and “development”. Zakat made us realize that the part of our wealth belongs to those people who are in need and they don’t have any resources through which they can run their circle of life so Zakat is a way to helping them. Every Muslim computes his or her own compulsory Zakat exclusively. This includes the yearly instalment of 2.5% of one's capital, living place, auto and expert devices. An individual may give as much as he/she satisfies as deliberate charity and give it in secret. There is no limit for such charity giving. There is also an advantage of giving the charity by this financial circulation goes on and it benefits those who need financial assistance.

Pilgrimage / Hajj:

                               Pilgrimage / Hajj is the fifth and last pillar of Islam. Hajj is a mandatory obligation for those Muslims who are physically and financially able and they can afford it. Hajj is the biggest and greatest obligation and event in which Muslims from all over the world gather on The Holy Kabah every year on specific days. Either they belong to different countries or nations, either they speak different languages or they are of different colours it doesn’t matter because they gather in The Holy House of Allah Almighty and it is a perfect demonstration of equality, unity and solidarity. To perform hajj there is a best way with luxury Hajj packages inclusive everything. Hajj is the best way to wash up of all of your sins and fulfil your desires and prayers from The Allah Almighty.

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