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Hajj And Umrah Packages – Tips And Information

Hajj And Umrah Packages – Tips And Information

Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are the two most important pilgrimages of the Muslim community and once in a lifetime every Muslim aspires to visit Mecca Madina. Though, Umrah is not mandatory like Hajj still the muslims also undertake Umrah with Hajj. Hajj and Umrah are exhaustive and time consuming journeys. Heres, are a few tips which would help make your Hajj tours hassle free and successful.

Hajj Package Tours – There are various companies and travel agencies which offer different tour packages for Hajj and Umrah.  These include different types of packages from budget ones, to luxury ones or deluxe ones. There are individual packages, family packages, cheapest group umrah packages and more too. Usually, group packages are cheaper as compared to individual packages. The travel agencies manage all the arrangements which include visa, flight bookings, internal commuting, accommodation near the Mosque, breakfast and meals, city tour accompanied by guide, assistant for performing rituals on request, guest lectures from religious heads, booklets and information on Hajj, etc.

ATOL Protection – In the past there have be incidences of fraud by travel agencies and poor quality service as well. Though, Saudi Government has stringent policies and has already banned fraudulent agencies offering october umrah packages, november umrah packages, december umrah packages or ramadan umrah packages it is always advisable that you remain safe all the time as you are making a huge investment as well. Hence, there is this ATOL Protected Holiday certification which is advisable. When you book your Hajj /Umrah trip under ATOL, you get a certificate from the authorities which you need to carry with you. This ensures that even if there is any kind of fraud or service problem, all your further arrangements are taken care off.

Government Regulations – The Saudi government have levied a few rules and regulations related to Hajj travel which have to be followed. These rules and regulations include returning to your home destination as soon as the hajj tours is completed. It is the duty of  hajj and umrah package service providers for family with discounted umrah package deals to educate Muslim pilgrims regarding these rules. On the tour visa no one is allowed to work in Saudi Arabia. Also, women who are below 40 years cannot travel without their guardian or husband while women above 40 are allowed if they travel with a group. Even children are not allowed to travel without their family. These rules and regulations have to be followed and are mandatory for every one.

Health and fitness – Hajj travel is an exhaustive journey and requires mental as well as physical fitness. It is mentioned in the Muslim sharia that only those muslims who are financially, physically and mentally fit should undertake hajj travel. Hence, it is always advisable that you prepare for this journey in advance. A walk of 30 minutes daily couple of months before the trip would help you remain fit even during the hajj amd umrah because they require lot of walking as well. Also, prepare for the list of things you need to carry with you while on hajj, be it medicines, first aid, etc so that it is available easily whenever you need it.

Thus, for a stress free and fulfilling spiritual journey keep this few tips in mind.

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